Six months in DevOps

Six months ago I switched gears and became a Technical Lead in DevOps. I've never worked as an Ops before. I dedicated 10 years of my career to Dev. I always knew something was missing. As a developer and later as an architect I was supposed to design and build complex e-commerce solutions. Design and... Continue Reading →

How to become a Solution Architect?

Many software engineers are considering Solution Architect position as the next position in their career path. I'm often asked about Solution Architect's job. What do they do? How to become an architect? First of all, let's understand what types of architects are there. Types of Architects This is the best illustration I found so far: (source and more details:... Continue Reading →

How to integrate with a 3rd party?

In our fast-moving world business wants to shorten the period between an idea and an implementation.You might need a payment system, a notifications provider or a content management tool for your app or website. I bet, you can develop some of them in-house, but in most cases, you can find a tool that would help your business to get... Continue Reading →

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